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Space Balloon Launched

May 12, 2016, 12:00 am

Weather conditions were just right the morning of May 5 for Mr. Smith's Upper Elementary class to launch their near space balloon.  Near space is the region of Earth's atmosphere that lies between 65,000 and 328,000 feet above sea level.  The successful launch capped off a project that tied into multiple subject areas and was part of the Global Space Balloon Challenge, in which people around the world were encouraged to simultaneously fly high-altitude balloons from every corner of the globe.  Their goals were three-fold:

  • To study the layers of the atmosphere
  • To examine mathematical predictions and real life outcomes
  • To learn about the science of our atmosphere, including its content, temperatures, and gas expansion

Students also designed components on our Inventor® design and 3D software program that were then printed to hold the electronics in place.  The class was able to track the balloon and found it near Muskegon about eight hours later.  In total, it logged about 500 miles as it crisscrossed the state – and even traveled over Lake Michigan for a time.  It is currently hanging in a tree about 75 feet from the ground, awaiting retrieval! 

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