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"You are really on the cutting edge with multi-age classrooms. They allow kids to learn at their own pace and reflect 'real world' learning."

- A GTA Elementary Parent

Adams, Alicia
Alicia Adams

Elementary 1 & 2
(231) 932-6923

BA, Language Arts/Elementary Education:  Grand Valley State University


Anderson, Lesley
Lesley Anderson

Instructional Support
(231) 932-6939

MA, Curriculum & Instruction, K-12 Literacy:  University of Colorado Boulder
BA, Psychology, K-6 Elementary Education Certification:  Metropolitan State University of Colorado  
Montessori 3-6 Certification:  Northern Virginia Montessori Institute
Effective Trauma Care Training:  The Allender Center

Belmar, Jennifer
Jennifer Belmar

Elementary Spanish
(231) 932-6949

BA, Communications:  Western Michigan University
K-12 Spanish Education:  University of West Florida
Advanced Spanish Proficiency:  La Escuela Offcial de Idiomas de Murcia (Spain)
Early Childhood Education:  Northwestern Michigan College
Montessori Training:  Alamo Montessori
BA, Dance:  Western Michigan University
Classical Ballet:  United States International University of San Diego 

Bohrer, Jocelyn
Jocelyn Bohrer

Elementary 1 & 2
(231) 932-6925

MA, Early Elementary Education:  Central Michigan University
BA, English/Elementary Education:  Grand Valley State University
Specialized Training - Michigan Literacy Progress Profile & Junior Great Books

Bonner, Erin
Erin Bonner

Elementary 5 & 6
(231) 932-6919

BS:  Western Michigan University

Cherup, Amy
Amy Cherup 

Elementary 3 & 4
(231) 932-6964

BAA, Early Childhood Development:  Central Michigan University
BS, Elementary Education (Integrated Science):  Central Michigan University 


Conrad, Sandra
Sandy Conrad

(231) 932-6931

BS, Elementary Education:  Concordia College, Valparaiso University
Graduate Studies:  Grand Valley State University
Integrated Visual Learning Training:  Excel Institute

Craker, Heather
Heather Craker

Elementary Special Education
(231) 932-6015

MEd, Early Childhood Education - Special Education:  Grand Valley State University
BS, Psychology - Special Education:  Grand Valley State University 
Endorsements in Elementary Education, Special Education (Cognitive & Emotional Impairments) and Early Childhood Education


Cullen, Jamie
Jamie Cullen

Elementary Special Education
(231) 932-6976

BA, Elementary Education
Learning Disabilities & Autism Endorsements

Dancer, Nan
Nan Dancer

Elementary 5 & 6
(231) 932-6906
MA:  Louisiana State University
BA:  Central Michigan University
Technology Certification:  University of Virginia
Certificate, Reality Therapy:  William Glasser Institute


Diephouse, Stephanie
Stephanie Diephouse

Elementary Music & Choir Director
(231) 932-6034 

MA, Music Education:  Michigan State University
BA, Music Education:  Western Michigan University
Levels 1 & 2 Certification:  Gordon Institute for Music Learning

Dix, Amy
Amy Dix

Elementary 5 & 6
(231) 932-6913

MA, Teaching:  Aurora University
BA, Elementary Education:  Trinity International University 

Ferguson, Kathleen
Kathleen Ferguson

(231) 932-6929

MEd, Elementary (K-8) Reading:  Northern Arizona University
BS, Elementary Education - Mathematics; Language Arts and Early Childhood (ZA) Minors:  University of Michigan Flint

Floering, Glenn
Glenn Floering

Director of Bands
(231) 932-6031

BA, Music Education:  Indiana University School of Music

Flores, Jackie
Jackie Flores

Elementary 1 & 2
(231) 932-6916

MA, Curriculum & Instruction
BA, Teaching: Northern Michigan University 

Holfels, Michelle
Michelle Holfels

Elementary 3 & 4
(231) 932-6920

BA, Elementary Education:  University of Illinois

Hopkins, Ana Maria
Ana Maria Hopkins

Instructional Support - Spanish
(231) 932-6949

BA, Communications & Journalism:  Universidad de La Sabana, Bogotá, Colombia (emphasis on education and oral/written broadcasting)

Hughes, Victoria
Victoria Hughes

Elementary Behavior Interventionist
(231) 932-6949

Non-Violent Crisis Invervention Training:  TBAISD
Functional Behavior Assessment & Behavior Intervention Planning:  TBAISD
Graduate Diploma, Jazz, Contemporary & Pop Music:  Leeds College of Music
Northwestern Michigan College
West Coast Bible College

Key, Alicia
Alicia Key

Elementary Special Education
(231) 932-6979

BA, Special Education & Elementary Education:  Spring Arbor University  
Learning Disabilities Endorsement


Kipke, Courtney
Courtney Kipke

Elementary 3 & 4
(231) 932-6932
MA, Curriculum & Teaching:  Michigan State University
BS, English/Social Studies/Elementary Education:  Northern Michigan University
Certification, Choice Theory & Reality Therapy:  William Glasser Institute

Kladder, Holly
Holly Kladder

Elementary Art
(231) 932-6013

BA, Art Education:  Grand Valley State University
BS, Health Science:  Grand Valley State University
K-12 Art  & Spanish Certification:  Grand Valley State University

Kline, Jodi
Jodi Kline

Elementary & Secondary Physical Education
(231) 932-6942

BA, Physical Education & Elementary Education:  Cornerstone University
Grace Bible College
Health Endorsement:  Calvin College

Layne, Jennifer
Jennifer Layne

Elementary 5 & 6
(231) 932-6965
BA, Group Social Studies & Elementary Education:  Grand Valley State University

Lazar, Justin
Justin Lazar

Elementary 5 & 6
(231) 932-6917
BA:  Central Michigan University
Professional Teaching Certification:  Marygrove College

Lazar, Michelle
Michelle Lazar

Elementary 3 & 4
(231) 932-6927
BS, Elementary Education:  Central Michigan University
Professional Teaching Certification:  Marygrove College

Manning, Jill
Jill Manning

Elementary 5 & 6
(231) 932-6924

BS, Elementary Education:  Lake Superior State University

Mondry, Samantha
Samantha Mondry

Elementary 1 & 2
(231) 932-6915

BS, Elementary Education (K-5):  Oakland University  
K-5 Teaching Certification 

Mroczkowski, Cathie
Cathie Mroczkowski

Elementary GEMS
(231) 932-6905 

MA, Educational Technology:  Michigan State University
BA, English & Literature:  Lake Superior State University 

Myers, Andrea
Andrea Myers


BS, Elementary Education and Exceptional Needs - Mild Intervention:  Indiana Wesleyan University 

Oster, Danielle
Danielle Oster

Elementary 1 & 2
(231) 932-6930

MA, School Principalship:  Central Michigan University
BA, Language Arts:  Grand Valley State University 

Peplinski, Matt
Matthew Peplinski

Elementary 3 & 4
(231) 932-6966

BA, Elementary Education, Language Arts Endorsement (K-8):  Central Michigan University

Rammelkamp, Emily
Emily (Deegan) Rammelkamp

Grades 3 & 4
(231) 932-6936

​MEd, Elementary Education:  Loyola University Chicago
BFA, Art History:  Loyola University Chicago

Scharpenberg, Jon
Jon Scharpenberg

Elementary & Secondary Physical Education
(231) 932-6942

Terrill, Bradley
Bradley Terrill

(231) 932-6968

BS, Education (Science Concentration):  Central Michigan University

Thompson, Genevieve
Genevieve Thompson

Elementary 5 & 6
(231) 932-6928

BA:  Eastern Michigan University
Teaching Certification, K-6 and ZA Endorsement 

West, Maria
Maria West

Elementary 1 & 2

MEd, Elementary Curriculum & Instruction:  Grand Valley State University
BFA, Dance Performance & Choreography:  Marymount Manhattan College

Wildner, Jennie
Jennie Wildner

(231) 932-6937

MA, Education:  Graceland University
BA, Elementary Education:  Alma College
BA, Art (Spanish minor) 

Wilson, Kim
Kim Wilson

Elementary 3 & 4
(231) 932-6922

MA, Education:  Graceland University
BA:  Central Michigan University
Certification, Choice Theory:  William Glasser Institute

Windon, Sandra
Sandra Windon

Elementary 5 & 6

(231) 932-6821

MA, Educational Leadership:  West Virginia University
BS, Elementary Education - Reading (ESL & Drama Minors):  Texas A&M East Texas   
Reading, ESL and Leadership Certifications
Training in Danielson Framework, Pathways to Literacy, Restorative Justice, National Equity Project, SIOP 

York, Kevin
Kevin York

Elementary & Secondary Physical Education
(231) 932-6942

BA, Health Education/Physical Education:  Central Michigan University