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Vision For Elementary Athletics

Our Intramural (IM) and league-style elementary athletics program at GTA is intended to provide a formative, competitive, and instructional framework as an extension of the academic and character education of our school.  All participants will learn the fundamentals of each sport and be given the opportunity to develop strong and disciplined athletic minds and bodies.  Participants will be taught good sportsmanship, fair play, and team spirit.  Coaches and upperclassmen will work to develop relationships with young athletes and develop the skills of all players.  A healthy understanding of competition will be developed, but winning is not the number one priority. 

Sports Offered
  • Co-Ed Cross Country and Track & Field - League format with practices and meets happening during the week. 
  • Co-Ed Volleyball, Girls & Boys Basketball, Co-Ed Indoor Soccer - Intramural format with sessions happening on Saturdays only at Grand Traverse Academy. 
Intramural Sports (Co-Ed Volleyball, Basketball, Co-Ed Soccer) vs League Sports (Cross Country and Track & Field)
  • Intramural sports are run in a camp format with upper level GTA coaches running the Saturday sessions.  There are no practices or games during the week.  There will be small group work where skills will be developed, followed with a scrimmage time towards the end of the session.  There is no competition against other schools.  The league format will have practices. 
  • League sports have all practices and meets during the week.  These sports compete against other schools.  Since there is no need for court time to develop skill, we are able to run these sports in a league style. 
Athletics Timeline & Registration Deadlines (click here for calendar schedule)
  • Co-Ed Cross Country - First Practice September 10, Registration Deadline September 5
  • Co-Ed Volleyball - First Session September 15, Registration Deadline September 5
  • Boys Basketball - First Session October 27, Registration Deadline October 17
  • Girls Basketball - First Session January 5, Registration Deadline December 19
  • Co-Ed Soccer - First Session March 3, Registration Deadline February 23
  • Co-Ed Track & Field - First Practice April 1, Registration Deadline March 20

To register for an elementary sport, athletes must complete a registration form and submit it to the athletic office with a $30 fee (increased to $50 after the registration deadline).  Click on the button below for the registration form and information pamphlet. 

Registration Form