Grand Traverse Academy 2018-19 Secondary School Course Catalog 12 completion of each assignment. Students who wish to participate in this course must supply their own working digital camera, batteries, and memory cards. Language Arts Debate (One Semester) After completing this one-semester course, students will have a set of portable speaking and argumentation skills that they can use in a variety of experiences across the curriculum at Grand Traverse Academy. Students will learn about and practice structured extemporaneous speeches, with emphasis on verbal and nonverbal delivery skills (organization, projection, inflection, eye- contact, hand gestures, and more). Students will also build a foundation for effective argumentation through logical thinking, writing arguments, and conducting research. Special emphasis will be placed on critical thinking and listening skills, as well as argument resolution. Both formal and informal debates will be held on a regular basis; therefore, adequate preparation will be essential for the success of individuals and their teams. Language Arts Intervention Do you dislike reading or struggle to keep up with the amount of reading you have in class? The objective of this course is to help students overcome this hurdle and gain self-confidence in reading situations. We will focus on a variety of skills including, but not limited to, recognizing themes in a text, making inferences, identifying story elements and point of view, and analyzing the craft and structure of different texts. Vocabulary study will help students identify unfamiliar words and build their library of sight words. A small group format will stimulate an environment ideal for in- depth learning and mastery. By the end of the course, students will have gained confidence and will feel prepared for the reading they will do throughout the rest of junior high and beyond. Mathematics Math Skills Intervention This class provides additional help with math homework, opportunities to improve basic math skills, and much more. The course teaches place value and basic number skills, fractions and decimals, ratios, rates and percentages, and the beginning processes of algebra and functions, including equations and graphing. Basic skills and conceptual understanding will be a focus of this course, leading to a more solid mathematical foundation to ensure future success at the next level of mathematics.