Grand Traverse Academy 2018-19 Secondary Course Catalog 21 Biology (Grade 11) This is a year-long core course which focuses on the study of living things. This class provides an exciting and engaging overview of the study of biology and its many sub disciplines. Topics are covered in four general themes: genetics and heredity, evolutionary relationships, anatomy and physiology (structure, function and interrelation of living systems), and ecology. Roughly equal time is allotted for each topic. Group discussion, laboratory activities and independent research are all expected components and are emphasized throughout the year. AP Biology (Grade 12) AP Biology is a year-long course which focuses on four Big Ideas: evolution, the use of energy by biological systems, genetics, and the passing on of information and the interaction among organisms, or ecology. In addition, more than 25 percent of the class time is spent doing hands-on lab work. The course is designed to be a year-long course that is the equivalent of an introductory college-level biology course. Taking the AP examination at the end of the year is optional, but highly recommended, as college credit can be earned for certain scores. The course is very rigorous and an admission process is involved. Environmental Sustainability Engineering (Grades 10- 12) Prerequisite: Introduction to Computer Science or Introduction to Engineering Design, or permission from the instructor Students investigate and design solutions in response to real-world challenges related to access to clean drinking water, monitoring and preserving fresh water resources, and energy and food supply issues. Applying their knowledge through hands-on activities, students research, design and build prototypes of potential solutions to these true-to-life challenges. This is a third course option in the PLTW Engineering program, but may also be taken as a stand-alone course. Physical Education Health & Fitness (Grade 10) This course allows students to develop and maintain physical fitness. Students will be expected to come to class daily with a positive attitude dressed and ready to participate in all activities. Having a positive attitude towards instruction and others in class will reflect on the citizenship portion of the participation grade. The curriculum will consist of motor skills development, sports, health education, character education, and physical education concepts. Students will learn through skills demonstration, daily goal setting, skills assessments, quizzes, classroom presentations, and a comprehensive final exam. Social Studies United States History and Geography (Grade 9) The study of United States history prepares students to take up the challenges of life in contemporary society. This full year course introduces students to the history of the United States with a focus on the post-Civil War Industrial Age to the present day. Beginning with a review of prior political, intellectual, and demographic transformations that shaped the nation, students learn about major political, philosophical, and historical underpinnings of our government. Throughout the course, students analyze how ideas of freedom and equality have shaped our collective past and explore implications for the future. Adopting a chronological approach, students analyze their causes and effects of events in the nation’s past. They use primary and secondary sources to explore time and place in the twentieth century. Within their historical study of twentieth century America, students deepen their understanding of major geographical themes, economic principles, and significant concepts in United States government. Throughout the course, students learn to develop important questions, conduct inquiry, and evaluate evidence. They also read a variety of historical arguments and develop skills in writing evidentiary- based arguments and historical narratives. By helping identify common and diverse strands that formed and continue to shape life in America, students develop the habits of mind essential for democratic citizenship. World History & Geography (Grades 10) The purpose of the World History/Geography year-long course is to develop a greater understanding of how events and cultures impact society today. This course includes the study of history from the earliest civilizations to the present, with particular emphasis placed on 100 AD to the present. For each historical era