Grand Traverse Academy 2018-19 Secondary Course Catalog 25 software tools. Projects will include logos, product packaging and other design challenges as experiences that will promote mastery of technique, methods and materials. This class will help to strengthen students' visual literacy and communication skills through a creative process. Art I This course is a beginning art class for students wishing to pursue upper level art courses or for those who wish to satisfy their Fine Arts requirements. The emphasis is to teach the average or the experienced art student how to sharpen their artistic perception. This structured course follows basic exercises designed to develop and enhance students’ creative potential. Students will develop skills in drawing from observation and two- dimensional design using a variety of art materials and tools. Students will apply their drawing and design skills in areas such as painting and the creation of three- dimensional sculptures. Students will also develop an appreciation for artwork of the past and present through classroom readings and writing assignments. Strong drawing skills are foundational to all other forms of art, so it is strongly suggested that this course be taken before Art II and III. Art II This class is based on stimulating creativity and improving skills learned in Art I. Students will be working with a range of different media types to help them gain a better understanding of the arts and what they can accomplish as individuals in the arts. Students will gain some knowledge of art history and how art has progressed throughout history. As this course deals with more advanced areas of art, it is strongly recommended that Art I be taken before entering this class. Art III This class is a studio-based class, providing students with more freedom to improve on skills learned in Art I and II. Students will be given the opportunity to guide themselves in the areas of art that interest them, along with instructor-assigned work which will reinforce ideas learned in Art I and Art II. As this course deals with more advanced areas of art, it is strongly recommended that Art I and Art II be taken before entering this class. Language Arts Shakespeare (Grades 9-12) This course provides students with the opportunity to study Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. Students will study a variety of Shakespeare’s tragedies, comedies, romances, and histories in addition to selected sonnets. Additionally, the history of theatre will be studied and students will be required to perform Shakespearean scenes. There will be an emphasis on close reading, discussion, and universal themes. Students will prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations to express their ideas and learn from/build on the ideas of others. They will formally and informally present their knowledge and ideas through various writings. Some of the material the students will be reading are: Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, The Tempest, Othello, Various Sonnets and Poems. Student Senate (Grades 10-12) Student Senate is a class taken at the high school level that provides students who have shown exceptional work ethic and participation in their classes with the honor of having input in the activities and workings of the school. It provides members with the opportunity to develop as leaders, develop organizational skills, set short- and long-range goals, carry out tasks to completion, and to become involved in various agencies within the community. Student Senate is involved in many events in the school as well as the community. Senators are also influential in making many decisions for the school, including the Homecoming and Frost Fest Spirit Week events and dress-up days. Student Senate will be involved in the following events: Laser Tag Team Challenge, Homecoming, Junior High Harvest Dance, Zombie Night, Junior High Movie Afternoon, Junior High Boys’ and Girls’ Lock Ins, Frost Fest, Chill Lock In, Monthly Dress-Up Days, Hosting of Spirit Week Assemblies and Activities, Awareness Activities and Assemblies. Yearbook (Grades 9-12) Yearbook is a challenging elective course in which students have the opportunity to write a book, prepare a publication, run a business, and record GTA history. This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to work with advanced technology, strengthen their analytical, problem-solving and communication skills, and manage tremendous