Grand Traverse Academy 2018-19 Secondary Course Catalog 27 reasoning about contextualization, causation, and continuity and change over time. Emphasis will be placed on students’ historical reasoning and interpretation skills, using a variety of instructional methods and sources. Physical Education Lifetime Sports This class is designed to introduce students to lifelong activities and sports that are both engaging and fitness oriented. All fundamentals will be reviewed, but a higher level of thinking will be explored. Students will gain an understanding of athletic activities that they might participate in throughout their lifetime. Math Strategic Math Strategic Math is a high school math course designed to help struggling math students in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. They will receive extra instruction on what they are currently learning in their math class and get extra practice with a high-qualified math teacher. They also work on strengthening basic algebra skills, as well as any other skills that are discovered to be weak and need some extra help. College & Career Development TBAISD Career-Tech Center Juniors and seniors may opt to take classes at the Career- Tech Center (CTC), at no cost, to get a head start on their post-secondary career planning and preparation. Post- secondary and direct college credits may also be earned while enrolled in CTC programs. Students can move into immediate job placement and/or additional post- secondary training in technical schools, colleges, universities or the US military. The following courses of study are available: Arts & Communications  Film and New Media  Graphic Arts  Front Street Writers Trade, Business & Hospitality  Business Careers  Culinary Arts  Information Technology  Web & Game Programming  Insurance Public & Human Services  Early Childhood Education  Public Safety/Protection Services  Teacher Academy Health  Allied Health I & II Manufacturing, Technology & Engineering  Manufacturing Technology Academy  Precision Machining Technology  Auto Body Repair  Automotive Technology  Construction Trades  Drafting & Design Technology Online  Electrical Occupations  Power Equipment Technology  Welding & Fabrication  Mechatronics Natural Resources & Agriscience  Agriscience/Natural Resources PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (Spring 2019-20) This college course, taught at GTA by a Northwestern Michigan College instructor, provides a broad, general introduction to psychology, its basic subject matter, and its approaches to gathering and evaluating evidence about the causes and correlates of behavior. SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (Spring 2018-19) This college course, taught at GTA by a Northwestern Michigan College instructor, is an introduction to the study of human group behavior through social interaction, with special emphasis on culture, the socialization process, social stratification, collective behavior, social institutions, and social change. Dual Enrollment at Northwestern Michigan College We highly encourage all college-bound Grand Traverse Academy High School students to begin their college education during high school. This provides students with a foundation for transition to their college program. It also makes the last three years of high school more meaningful and motivating. Students who are in grades