Grand Traverse Academy 2018-19 Secondary School Course Catalog 4 What creates the Grand Traverse Academy culture? Character Education  The character traits that we emphasize for Junior High and High School students were chosen by students and staff: o Interpersonal Communication o Professional Work Habits o Optimism o Integrity o Initiative o Caring  Students self-evaluate their character trait strengths and opportunities for improvement twice per year  Character Education report cards are mailed home to parents once per semester School Uniforms  Studies show that uniforms help to increase safety and security, reduce distractions and peer pressure based on clothing, and instill a sense of community in schools  At Grand Traverse Academy, everyone – including administration and staff – wears a uniform to school Mustang Athletics  Sports offerings at the Secondary level include Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country, Boys’ & Girls’ Track & Field, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Equestrian, Girls’ Softball, Boys’ Baseball, Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ and Girls’ Downhill Skiing and Boys’ Football  The athletic program is a supplement to the academic program and is organized to meet the needs and interests of our students. Its major goal is to develop well-rounded individuals through structured competition. Our policy is to accept all students for their chosen sport based upon team space and available school resources. Clubs & Student Leadership Opportunities  National Junior Honor Society  National Honor Society  Peer-to-Peer Mentoring  Student Leadership Team  Builders Club  Key Club  ECOclub  Med Club  Robotics Club  Tech Team  Class Officers  Student Senate