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What is Career Cruising?

Career Cruising is an Internet-based career exploration and planning tool your child uses to explore career and college options and to develop a career path.  Career Cruising can be accessed from school, from home or wherever you son or daughter has access to the Internet.  

Click here to find out more about Career Cruising using the login information provided to your child.  If you need a user name and password, contact Stephanie Patrzik at 932-6024 or patrziks@mygta.us. 


Graduation requirements

Grand Traverse Academy High School students will graduate with the prerequisite academic skills and career orientation for college, technical training and/or quality employment.  To this end, our graduation requirments are as follows:

Development of an individual academic/career plan leading to advanced post high school study and/or employment.

Successful completion of a minimum of 24 academic credits and four advisory credits.

Language Arts
4 credits


Mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II, plus one additional credit)
4 credits


Social Studies (Civics, Economics, Government, US History, World History 
& Geography, Personal Finance)
4 credits



Science(Biology and Chemistry, plus one additional Physical Science credit)
3 credits


Foreign Language
2 credits


Physical Education/Health
1 credit


1 credit


Fine Arts
1 credit


1 credit


1 credit


All students will enroll in seven academic classes/credit hours per year.  If a student is participating in a Junior/Senior Year Transition program (Grand Traverse Academy plus work study, TBA Career-Tech Center or NMC dual-enrollment), the combined schedule must be equivalent to full-time.

Students will complete a course for a full semester unless released from the course by the principal.

Dual enrollment at Northwestern Michigan College

GTA juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn college credit while still attending high school through our generous dual enrollment program.  In addition, two college-level Spanish courses are offered to high school students right here at Grand Traverse Academy, taught by GTA staff. Students enrolled in these classes can earn up to eight college Spanish credits in one year. 

In the 2011-12 school year, 62 percent of our juniors and seniors accumulated 200 college credits through our dual enrollment program.  Several of our students have even graduated with nearly two years' worth of college classes behind them - all at no tuition cost to their parents!

If you are interested in dual enrollment, see Mrs. Patrzik and download the document below to learn more about specific requirements of the program.


Dual Enrollment Checklist PDF


Procedure for requesting your grade transcript:

All grade transcript requests will be processed electronically through Parchment Inc.  You can access their website by clicking on the button below:


Students who are at least 18 years of age may register for their own account; a parent will need to sign up for an account on the student’s behalf for those under 18.  Through the Parchment website you will be able to request that your transcripts be sent to the colleges and universities (NCAA included) of your choice at any time, day or night.  Please contact Mrs. Patrzik at patrziks@mygta.us or (231) 932-6024 with any questions about the Parchment process.

ACC-L Program

What is Grand Traverse Academy's ACC-L Program?  ACC-L stands for Accelerated College Course Learning, a concept that allows GTA students to begin earning college credit - through a combination of college courses taught Northwestern Michigan College & GTA and online formats - as early as the 9th grade.  Benefits include the following:

  • Research suggests that high school students who complete even one college course are nearly 50 percent more likely to earn a college degree than those who do not [1].  
  • Students who demonstrate readiness for an accelerated pace and courses can earn college credits while fulfilling their high school graduation requirements.
  • Students become familiar with the rigors and expectations of college courses in the supportive, nurturing environments of home and GTA.
  • GTA High School students have the opportunity to complete their first year of college by the end of their senior year.
  • The credits transfer, as a package, as general liberal arts requirements through a special arrangement between Northwestern Michigan College and many other Michigan colleges and universities.
  • Grand Traverse Academy will pay for the college courses our students take through this program - the only expense to families is the purchase of textbooks, translating into literally thousands of dollars in savings

GTA freshmen and sophomores qualify for the ACC-L Program by earning exemplary grades and showing professional work habits during their previous two semesters of Secondary school, as well as completing an essay and achieving qualifying reading and writing scores on NMC's placement test.

For more information about Grand Traverse Academy's ACC-L Program, please contact Stephanie Patrzik, academic counselor, at patrziks@mygta.us or (231) 932-6024.

[1] Ben Struhl and Joel Vargas, "Taking College Courses in High School:  A Stragegy for College Readiness," Jobs for the Future, October 2012; Education Week, October 24, 2012 (Volume 32, #9, page 5)