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Mission & Belief Statements

Our Mission

Grand Traverse Academy's mission is for all students to be safe, loved, and learning as they achieve excellence in character and academics.

Excellence is defined as

  • prepared for responsible citizenship
  • prepared for success in higher education

Our Beliefs

The staff of Grand Traverse Academy believes

  • in teaching exemplary character and excellence in academics.
  • that all students are capable of learning; our high expectations and individualizing help their learning.
  • in making decisions by first considering what is best for all students.
  • that success in learning builds self-esteem and pride; challenge and mistakes are part of learning and help build character.
  • in providing outstanding customer service to GTA community members. 
  • that Choice Theory helps us understand behavior, learning, and the importance of internal motivation.
  • that staff and students are responsible for continuous improvement.
  • that our school must have positive relationships built on trust, because everyone is important and contributes to learning.
  • that GTA parents want good things for their children now and want them to have a bright future.
  • that our core values will be passed on and maintained by the continued sharing of our history and mission.