Junior High

Jr. High Students

  • Start saving for college

  • Take challenging and interesting classes to prepare for High School

  • Develop strong study habits

  • Do your best in school and on standardized tests

  • Get help from a teacher, tutor or mentor if you are having trouble

  • Get involved in activities that help you explore your interests and learn new things

  • Talk to adults who you think have interesting jobs and ask what they like about their job and what education they needed for it

  • Visit www.FederalStudentAid.ed.gov/ early to find out how to help pay for colllege

  • Learn about careers at www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/5-8/career/index.html 

Jr. High Parents

  • Visit www.fafsa4caster.ed.gov to learn how much federal student aid your child might receive

  • Find information about college savings plans at www.collegesavings.org

  • Talk to your child about his or her interests and help match them with a college major and career

  • Help your child to develop good study habits such as studying at the same time and place every day and having the necessary materials to complete assignments

  • Stay in contact with teachers and the counselor about any changes in your child's behavior or schoolwork

  • Keep an eye on your child's grades and help him or her find tutoring, if necessary

  • Get tips from documents listed under "Helping Your Child" at www.ed.gov/parents