Parent Feedback

"We think you are really on the cutting edge with regard to multi-age classrooms. They allow kids to learn at their own pace and reflect 'real world' learning, as none of us exist in a world where we travel with the same age peers exclusively."  

"Our daughter has attended since first grade and is in High School this year…She is challenged academically, taught strong study skills and gets the help she needs. When we have issues, we are heard!  Leadership works with parents to solve any concerns we may bring to them. Character is taught and it truly shows in kids of all ages…We are proud to be part of the GTA family."

"This is the first school that (our daughter) has attended where we feel she is not being overlooked. This was so evident when (her teacher) noticed her struggling with math and you all met and came up with a plan to help. You all are giving her the opportunity to succeed, which has done wonders for her self-confidence.  You should be proud of what you do and the positive impact you have on your students."

"Grand Traverse Academy is a fabulous school! The environment and curriculum have well exceeded my expectations as a parent. The 'family' atmosphere and love for the child as an individual is something my daughter looks forward to. I believe GTA helps each child reach their highest potential in both character and academics. Thank you!"

"The administration and teachers are easy to talk with and so helpful and the office staff are terrific! Never waver from your high standards!"

"The thing we love most about Grand Traverse Academy is that character is not left behind while academics are being taught. No amount of education can make up for a lack of character and people skills. We feel GTA's staff and program are striking a wonderful balance in educating the 'whole child.'  Keep up the good work!"

"This school is wonderful: great curriculum, teachers and staff. The students are well behaved and courteous. The character education component is very helpful (and I was most skeptical). An excellent environment for being the best you can be.  My son…has been accelerated in the areas where he excels and he has received additional instruction in the areas where he struggles. I could not ask for a better setting for his educational career and we are so proud to be a part of Grand Traverse Academy. Go Mustangs!"

"Years ago when we were offered a choice of schools, my husband and I were impressed with GTA's program and what the possibilities were for our three children. GTA offered accelerated instruction, dual enrollment at our local college, Spanish, music, etc. We are so thankful that we made GTA our choice.  Our children have excelled over the years; we now have one graduate who was very prepared for university-level education. I have recently asked (her), 'If we could go back in time, should we have made the same choice (in schools) that we made years ago?'  She said, 'Yes, definitely!'"