Quality Care

Quality Care Contact Information

Sharon Swartz, Director
(231) 932-6953 

Dorlene Page
(231) 932-6953

Stephanie Winowiecki
(231) 932-6934

Shawna Cole
(231) 932-6934

Britney Maidens
(231) 932-6953

Quality Care Forms

Quality Care Student Information Form 

Child Information Record 

2020-21 Registration 

Quality Care 
2020-21 School Year

Quality Care is a privately run daycare, licensed by the State of Michigan, which utilizes the philosophy and practices of Grand Traverse Academy. Quality Care provides school-aged children with opportunities for indoor activities, gym time, outdoor recess, and homework and/or reading time. Quality Care staff members are qualified to care for school-aged children through their education, training and experience with all age groups.

7:00-8:00 am and 3:50-6:00 pm Monday-Thursday

7:00-8:00 am and 11:50-6:00 pm Friday 

Days of operation follow the Grand Traverse Academy school calendar (closed on snow days).

$30 registration fee for first child in family ($20 second, $10 third)

See the registration form at left for current fees

How to Enroll 
Complete a Quality Care Registration Form and a Student Information Record (at left) and return them to Quality Care, along with the registration fee. Your child can begin attending as soon as they are registered. Students need to be re-registered each year. 

If you have any questions regarding Quality Care, please call (231) 932-6953 or (231) 995-0665.