School Supply Lists

Please click on a grade level for a list of suggested supplies for the current school year.  These are general lists for each grade; your child's teacher may request a few additional items at the Back-to-School Open House.

Note:  Although students receiving special education services do not have an additional list of supplies to bring for use in the Resource Rooms, any parents willing to donate student supplies for those classrooms are more than welcome to do so.  They would greatly appreciate the following:  pencils, disinfecting wipes, colored pencils, three-prong folders, tissues, markers, glue (in bottles), craft sticks and fishing line.  Thank you!


Kindergarten School Supply List

Grades 1 & 2

1st & 2nd Grade School Supply List

Grades 3 & 4

3rd & 4th Grade School Supply List

Grades 5 & 6

5th & 6th Grades School Supply List


GEMS 3rd & 4th Grade School Supply List

GEMS 5th & 6th Grade School Supply List

Secondary (Grades 7-12)

Secondary Supply Lists