Where to Go for What

Here's a Quick Reference Guide for Whom to Call with Questions or Concerns

Athletics:  Shelley Alejandro, 932-6977

Attendance:  Elementary, 995-0665; Secondary, 932-6038

Behavior/Disciplinary Issues:  Elementary - Colin Smith 932-6950; Secondary - Mindy VanHouzen, 932-6960

Classroom Concerns (after speaking with the teacher):  Jim Coneset, 932-6025 

Credit Recovery Summer School:  Stephanie Patrzik, 932-6024

Enrollment:  Amy Truesdell, 932-6900

Friday School:  Mindy VanHouzen, 932-6960

Newsletter, Facebook and Website Information:  Kathy Farrell, 932-6005

Secondary Schedules:  Stephanie Patrzik, 932-6024

Uniform Questions:  Mindy VanHouzen, 932-6960